Mainly Music

A fun music group for parents or primary care givers to enjoy together with their young child. Runs on Thursdays during term-time at 9:30 Hope Presbyterian Church Cnr Weedons Ross Road and SH73 West Melton Some history… Read More

A 150th Field Day!

Once Every 150 Years West Melton hosts a very special event, The Time After Time Field Day! This sesquicentennial, we are holding it at Dave and Lyn Robinson’s farm on West Melton Road. It is bound to huge!!… Read More

September Reserve Board meeting recap

The West Melton Reserve Board met on September 15, 2014. The following was discussed.

WM Reserve Pop-up Irrigation Project
Drummond & Etheridge are currently undertaking an irrigation upgrade project at the reserve. The works involve the construction of a ring main and installation of pop-up sprinklers across rugby and football fields. This will significantly improve the efficiency of the irrigation system, resulting in better utilisation of water and more even grass growth. The fields are currently fenced off while the works are underway due to the use of heavy machinery. Works are expected to completed by the end of September.

WM Reserve Rugby Field 1 Development
McLenaghan Contracting are currently undertaking a project to re-grade and re-seed Rugby Field 1 at the reserve. The works have involved the stripping of topsoil, re-grading of the underlying gravels and the placement of an even thickness of topsoil over the playing area. The works are being completed in conjunction with the irrigation project and will improve the condition of the main rugby field. The fields are currently fenced off while the works are underway due to the use of heavy machinery. Works are expected to completed by the end of September.

Club Reports
Touch rugby starts again at the reserve on Tuesday 7 October and will run on Tuesday evenings over most of the reserve
Summer football starts again in mid October and will run on Wednesday evenings
Summer bowls has started again
Tennis have their opening day this Saturday 20 September
Please contact Reserve Board Chairman (David Heiler, ph 347 2363) or Caretaker (Steve Lea, ph 3479557 ) or if you have any queries over activities or works at the reserve.

September WMRA meeting recap

It was a full house at the West Melton Community Hall, with many residents making the decision to come to the public forum to hear Hamish Wheelans speak about the proposed residential subdivision of the Wilson South Block which was submitted for consent this week.

Bruce Russell began with a warm welcome to Hamish and his staff, giving credit for his past involvement with the community and his willingness to engage West Melton Residents with this latest project.

Hamish began by outlining how the project had progressed over the past two years since the land was purchased – the zoning, the name (A mashup from the Wilson Stud Farm name) and how an initial design was “thrown out the window” before arriving at the design submitted this week.

Referencing the ideas and process behind the development of Preston Downs, Hamish outlined his desire for Wilfield to have a similar theme – blended lot sizes, open spaces, natural contours and features, integrated with community clubs, services and existing infrastructure.  Hamish described how the design fits with the natural (old) river channels of the site and how covenants would be used to maintain the site contours for drainage etc.  Hamish’s intention is to keep many of the hedges, shelter belts & large trees where possible.

September 10 Agenda

The West Melton Residents Association will hold their next meeting on September 10 at 7:30pm in the Community Centre. The public are welcome to join the committee to discuss local issues. The following agenda is proposed (Click for… Read More