Aquifer levels low

West Melton’s aquifer is currently under strain, following 24 months of poor groundwater recharge.  The graph below shows water levels in two key monitored wells in West Melton Township (Red) and Johnson Road (Blue) in steady decline.


Both traces show normal aquifer recharge occurring through the winters of 2012, 2013 & 2014.  2015 however had no such recharge, and this winter appears to have been no different.

Earlier this year, Selwyn District Council’s Asset Manager for Water, Murray England was optimistic that winter rain would correct the trend of last winter, but Murray is warning that water restrictions are now almost certain.  We can start doing our part now by reducing or switching off lawn watering systems, not leaving taps running and doing our part to encourage others to do the same.

Water levels from the local West Melton monitoring well can be found online here.