August WMRA meeting recap

Tonight’s WMRA meeting was well attended, including several welcome guests from the community.

West Melton lighting upgrade
The proposed $84k lighting upgrade to West Melton street lights was discussed tonight. The major causes of light pollution in the area were debated along with possible steps to reduce these effects. The committee resolved to invite representatives of the West Melton Observatory to the next meeting.

Community Patrol
Tim presented the results of the online poll regarding the community patrol. The majority of the community had backed the initiative with 108 votes for, and 5 votes against. 61 people indicated they could volunteer 4 hours per month to the cause. Local Constable, Chris Caldwell gave some good background to the discussion that followed, referencing the trends and patterns that he had observed in his six years experience in the district. He suggested the WMRA consider joining with the Rolleston patrol for the mutual benefit of the area. Chris cautioned that crime had not actually ‘set-in’ in the area and offered to provide the WMRA with full statistics to support this. Watch for an article by Chris on this topic in an West Melton News soon. The Residents Association will advertise a public forum in November to discuss the Community Patrols initiative further.

Wilson block residential development
Bruce Russell met with Hamish Wheelans earlier today and reported back to the Residents Association tonight. Although Gillman Wheelans has not yet gained approval for the Wilson Block development, Hamish was happy for Bruce to present his most recent draft plans for discussion tonight. Currently being proposed is 180 sections over a variety of section sizes ranging from 1000 to 5000 square metres. The larger 10 acre blocks were positioned to the south of the development, with higher density housing towards the centre. Two reserves were shown, one being large enough to host an entire soccer field. Two access roads were planned to the West, connecting the development with Weedons Ross Road, opposite the Anglican Church and at another location further to the south. Committee members had plenty of questions regarding road-access, walking access, the positioning of intersections and the impact on the existing SH73 / Weedons-Ross Rd intersection. Hamish will attend the next WMRA meeting on September 10 with all his documentation and is happy to take questions from the floor. The WMRA will advertise this as a public meeting.

Bruce Russell presents the current draft plan for the development of the Wilson  Block

Bruce Russell presents the current draft plan for the development of the Wilson Block

Other topics
Other topics discussed this evening included:

  • Cemetery earthquake repairs are due to be completed by the end of September.
  • The West Melton School Kapahaka group has confirmed their participation in the 150th dedication ceremony.
  • New flag-brackets and 150th flags are set to go up on SH73 on August 24
  • Construction of the revised-height 25m West Melton cellphone tower has commenced. Preliminary range tests have reportedly been carried out with success from the new mast-height.
  • WMRA has purchased public liability insurance to cover the 150th anniversary events
  • A sub-committee was formed to plan & coordinate the details of the dedication ceremony for the 150th celebrations