Getting things fixed around West Melton

Ever been out for a walk in West Melton and found a problem with a footpath or a fallen tree? You possibly thought “That really ought to be fixed. I wonder if I should tell the council?”

Then you probably carried on your way and never got around to it.

Often times these things are just a bit too hard, and we don’t really have the time to follow up and get it fixed.

There’s a really simple way to report maintenance back to the council. It only takes a few seconds and doesn’t involve phone calls, emails or waiting in queues.

Problem at the park?  Fixed!

Snap Send Solve is an app for reporting problems back to City Councils all over Australia and New Zealand and it works in Selwyn. In fact, it’s Selwyn District Council’s preferred way of hearing reports about things which needs work in and around our district.

Just put the Snap Send Solve app on your device, then next time you see a trip hazard on a West Melton footpath, a fallen tree or some flooding from an irrigation race go to the app and log the issue.

Record the location, take a photo and write a quick note – easy. Done.