October WMRA meeting recap

Another full meeting, well represented by the community invoking plenty of discussion, kicking off on the topic of whether the community should fund raise and buy an AED Defibrillator device.  We’re still unresolved on this topic, in terms of fund raising and location of the device but there was strong support for the initiative.

Council news
We acknowledged and welcomed the new elected council due set to be sworn in on October 26.  We discussed the recent council decision to decline the resource consent application by Gilman Wheelans West Melton Limited, the outcome seemingly being based on the town not having the population to support both shopping centres.

Community park
The concept of a new West Melton community park was discussed with reference to the new Prebbleton community facility.  Cr Mark Alexander encouraged us to visit the Prebbleton facility, to consider what might be possible in terms of spaces for teenagers with scooters and skateboards and to think about the scale of a possible facility for West Melton.

Community Centre
Our new community centre now has its consents granted!  The project is now in the planning stage as we drive to having the contract tendered.  The project team are aiming to cut dirt in February 2017, completing in November.

West Melton Get Together
We thanked Gill Prior & Mel Elliot for their work with the West Melton Get Together event.  Despite the event being cancelled due to low numbers there was plenty of enthusiasm amongst the committee to get a similar event off the ground.  We talked about possibilities like joining forces with the Selwyn Arts Trust, running more advertising or considering another shindig or ball.  “The last shindig” seemed to resonate with many, as a final party before old community centre is abandoned.

Traffic calming devices
We’re planning to use reserves to buy a traffic calming device / speed indicator specifically for our town.  We’re going to consult the community on the best locations for the device and review at the next committee meeting.  See here for the questionnaire.

The next meeting will be our final for the year.  Wednesday December 14.  All welcome!