Plan changes in West Melton

Four key plan changes are currently being processed by Selwyn District Council to adjust zoning in West Melton.

Plan Change Submissions in West Melton. The South-West block includes two submissions.

Three of these applications include a change the township boundary, and all four submissions seek to rezone land, affecting the density of housing amongst other things.

Each application is running on its own cadence, moving through the process on different timelines and we expect some may come available for public submission at a future time. Full details of each application and all supporting documentation is available on the Selwyn District Council website here.

The following is a very brief summary of these submissions. The Residents Association will be keeping up to date with any changes.

Plan Change 59 – Wilfield North

This submission dates back to November 2018. Initially delayed due to Weedons Ross Rd / SH73 intersection, this application is nearing the end of submission process now with Council. Rezones “WM Living 2” to “WM Living South”, reducing min. land parcel sizes in Wilfield.

Dark Yellow is new Medium Density zoning, Light Yellow is Low Density.,-west-melton-living-2-to-living-west-melton-south

Plan Change 67 – Wilfield South

This plan change would rezone 33.4Ha of rural land to Living WM South in Wilfield, and extends West Melton boundary to the south. This allows land parcels 1100 – 3000m² (Medium Density – heavy yellow) and 3000 – 5000m² (Low Density – light yellow) in the area of Wilfield. On Feb 24, SDC has allowed this to proceed to the next stage.  This means it will be notified and made available for public submission in the future.

New medium density zone to the south of Wilfield.  Town boundary extended.,-rezone-approximately-33.4-hectares-of-rural-zone,-to-living-wm-south-zone,-west-melton.

Plan Change 74 – Rezone / Extend East of West Melton

This application proposes to enlarge the WM Township volume by rezoning 20Ha of Inner Plains land to Living West Melton. 130 allotments are planned, averaging 1,500m². This application includes new direct access onto SH73.

West Melton Township extended to East.  New Reserve in Green.,-rezone-20.687-hectares-of-land-from-rural-inner-plans-to-living-wm-east-zone,-west-melton

Plan Change 77 – Rezone / Extend West Melton to West

Rezones 50Ha to Living Z Zone and Living 1 West Melton. This extends the West Melton Township boundary to the West.

Town boundary extended to the West with two new reserves and entrance to SH73.,-rezone-50-hectares-of-land-from-rural-inner-plains-to-living-z-and-living-1-west-melton,-west-melton