Rural burglaries in Selwyn

Police PromoIMPORTANT message from Selwyn Police

There has been a spate of rural burglaries & thefts from motor vehicles recently in rural properties in Selwyn.  The offender is targeting lifestyle properties and enters unlocked vehicles & unsecure sheds, garages and homes – sometimes when the owners are in bed sleeping.

Small items including cash and firearms have been taken.

Police request you:  Lock Up your house, sheds, vehicles and firearms securely.

If you have noticed something suspicious call the POLICE FIRST.  Dial 111.  Don’t try to call your local station as they are often unattended.

Report anything suspicious to the Police before posting anything on social media.

If you have seen anything suspicious or have any information, or think you have been the victim of a theft and you have not yet reported it, please do so now.  Phone (03) 3637 400

Emergency Management Team

Selwyn District Council