Skate Park Consultation

Selwyn District Council is moving forward with the planning process to create a new skate park in West Melton to cater for the town’s youth. This first consultation phase runs from January 10 to 25, as the council seeks feedback on the park’s location and skating features.

Contributions to planning can be made on the Selwyn District Council’s ‘yoursay’ website.

The West Melton Community & Recreation Centre Committee have issued the following statement on this topic.

Residents may be aware that Selwyn District Council has commenced consultation on their website on their location of a proposed skatepark in West Melton.

The new West Melton Community and Recreation Centre has been developed in the knowledge that the skatepark could be located on the east side of the facility. There are several entry points to the WMCRC plus access to toilets, showers, medical room and Wifi. The land for the proposed site was specifically purchased for this purpose.

Equally  the fact that the tennis/netball courts would in due course be relocated to the south end of facility was factored into the design.

I would urge residents to consider these factors when considering what they vote for a location

Bruce Russell

Chair, West Melton Community and Recreation Centre, Working Group