Water Restrictions remain in place

From December 5 2015, the Selwyn District Council introduced water restrictions in order to reduce demand on the local aquifer due to low rainfall and low groundwater levels.  These water restrictions remain in place.

Under the water restrictions the following rules apply to residential and commercial properties:

  • Watering of lawns is permitted between 9am-4pm and 9pm-6am on alternate days only. If your street address number is even then watering is permitted only on even numbered days, if your street address number is an odd number then watering is permitted only on odd numbered days.  For example if your property number is an even number such as 2, 34b or 108 you can water your lawn as needed on even days such as 8,10,12 December and so on during the permitted times. If watering during the daytime the Council recommends choosing a cooler day to reduce evaporation
  • Garden watering is permitted at any time
  • There is a requirement to decrease demand especially during peak periods.  This means that property owners should only use as much water as they need to, only water during permitted hours and avoid wasting water

If demand for water is particularly high, water pressure will be reduced to sustain the supply.

More stringent water restrictions could be introduced in Selwyn if drier weather conditions persist and demand for water continues to be high over summer.