Water supply problems

The West Melton town water supply is currently under stress as it struggles to cope with the demands of a growing population and increased summer irrigation needs.

The Selwyn District Council recently posted the following notice

Council staff are preparing an information update on the West Melton water supply which will be sent to all residents on the scheme.

As an interim response the following is provided from the Asset Manager Water Services:

Council staff are working hard to meet the servicing demands of a rapidly growing district.

West Melton is one of the strong growth areas and water supply upgrades are underway.

There are three bores which will service the West Melton township. Two are online now with the third coming available soon (around Christmas time).

The reason for the delay in bring the third bore online is the need for treatment. The Elizabeth Alan Dr bore has a UV unit installed and we are currently connecting the Jacqueline Drive bore to the same unit.

With warmer weather approaching and new lawns being developed, Council would ask that irrigation is used sparingly